Why should I hire a band instead of a DJ?

Live bands are far more exciting than a DJ in that there are more people to entertain your guests. Live music adds a personal touch to your affair that at times a DJ just doesn't have. We have nothing against DJ's, in fact our drummer married one. But which would you rather have as an MC at your get together, a person spinning CD's or people who will entice your guests to have a great time?

What is better about your band than other bands?

First, we play a wide variety of music. If you need a whole night of one type of music, we can do that. Or, we can mix it up so that everybody walks away feeling as if they heard the kind of music they like. In all our years of performing it has been shown that playing a variety of music to a variety of people always works best. We feel out the guests and come up with a plan to best entertain them. Secondly, we are professional when it comes to performing. We can promise you that when you hire DOCTOR GROOVE you will not have to worry about the band AT ALL. Good volume, sober musicians, friendly conversation, and respect for your guests, that's what you'll get with DOCTOR GROOVE.

Are you more expensive than other bands?

We won't hit you over the head with our price. Some bands charge an outrageous figure and honestly aren't that good. We consider ourselves very moderately priced for most affairs. Some factors come into play such as driving distance and the type of affair, but for the most part you will find we are very reasonable. Since we realize that a wise consumer shops around before making a decision, we invite you to contact us last to see just how reasonable we really are!

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