The whole philosophy of our band is, we play only those songs that people know and can dance to. We can play any musical style from classic rock to disco to old or new country to swing to...well, we do it all. Want a night of blues? No problem, we can do that. Like to hear a whole night of rock and roll? We can handle it. There are very few things DOCTOR GROOVE can't do to entertain your guests.

     Not only does DOCTOR GROOVE play a wide variety of music styles, we also play a wide variety of music from each style. For instance, we don't do just one or two blues songs if you like the blues, we play old 1940's style blues, 1960's style blues, and 1990 style blues as well. Torch songs, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ray Charles, these are some of the varied artists we play when we play the blues for you. So, not only can we accomodate many people with diverse styles, but we can also cater to people's ages as well for that particular style. In classic rock, we play everything from the 1960's, such as Eric Burden and the Animals, Cream, Procul Harem, and Spencer Davis group, to the late 1980's such as AC/DC, Stray Cats, Blondie, and so on. Like country rock? We go back to the Charlie Daniels Band, Allman Brothers, Eagles, and so on.

     For some bands, this would be enough. Not for DOCTOR GROOVE. We try to duplicate the style of music from each era so that it sounds like it did when the music was just recorded. Organ parts in a 1960's song we play sound like they did when played on a organ made in the 1960's. The horn lines to a James Brown song sound so close you'll want to get up and watusi. And the twin guitar solos in a Allman Brothers song are note for note renditions of the original recording. Not that we don't take liberties and wail when we get to playing, but the songs we play you will instantly recognize because they actually sound like the song you remember.

     We can always go one step further to please our audience and we do. We can sing some music in other languages and play very old music as well. Even if there is a member of your audience who is eighty years old, we can play some music for them, such as the Ink Spots or instrumentals from the big band era.

     Now, if there is a special song or group you would want us to do, we will happily learn it! We have done this many times for special occasions and people are always very happy with the outcome. We will try our very best to satisfy your needs and those of your guests. That's what we do!

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